Nazareth(拿撒勒)是一支苏格兰摇滚乐队的名称,由Darrel Sweet,Dan McCafferty,Pete Aqnew 和 Manuel "Manny" Charlton于1968年成立于苏格兰Dunfermline小镇,大不列颠重金属代表乐队。

Genre: Rock
Year of first publication: 1980
Rip Type: tracks
Distribution Format: DSD128
Duration: 35:19

A1 Dressed To Kill
A2 Another Year
A3 Moonlight Eyes
A4 Pop The Silo
A5 Let Me Be Your Leader
B1 We Are The People
B2 Every Young Man's Dream
B3 Little Part Of You
B4 Cocaine (Live Version)
B5 Victoria