Blind Guardian是一支成立于1984年的德国乐队,

Genre: Symphonic Rock
Media: LP
Release Year: 2019

Country of Origin: Germany
Audio Codec: FLAC
Rip Type: tracks
Recording Format: 24/192
Distribution format: 24/192
Duration: 1:15:56


A1 1618 Overture 2:37
A2 The Gathering 1:22
A3 War Feeds The War 5:05
A4 Comets And Prophecies 1:12
A5 Dark Cloud's Rising 5:12
A6 The Ritual 0:52
A7 In The Underworld 5:50

B1 A Secret Society 0:25
B2 The Great Ordeal 4:55
B3 Bez 0:22
B4 In The Red Dwarf's Tower 7:03
B5 Into The Battle 0:26
B6 Treason 4:21

C1 Between The Realms 0:48
C2 Point Of No Return 6:37
C3 The White Horsemen 0:50
C4 Nephilim 5:06
C5 Trial And Coronation 0:27
C6 Harvester Of Souls 7:17

D1 Conquest Is Over 1:21
D2 This Storm 4:47
D3 The Great Assault 0:27
D4 Beyond The Wall 7:07
D5 A New Beginnng 0:47