Ozzy Osbourne 是英国硬摇滚黑色安息日Black Sabbath的创始人兼主唱。

Genre: Heavy Metal
Media: LP
Release Year: 2010

Audio Codec: DSD128
Rip Type: image + .cue
Recording Format: 1 / 5.64MHz
Distribution Format: 1 / 5.64MHz
Duration: 01:05:51

A1. Let It Die
A2. Let Me Hear Your Scream
A3. Soul Sucker
A4. Life Won't Wait

B1. Diggin' Me Down
B2. Crucify
B3. Fearless

C1. Time
C2. I Want It More
C3. Latimer's Mercy
C4. I Love You All

D1. Hand Of The Enemy
D2. One More Time
D3. Jump The Moon
D4. Let Me Hear You Scream (Live)
D5. Life Won't Wait (Edit)

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