Fly On The Wall(墙上的苍蝇)于6月28日发行。尽管大多的评论对此张专辑持否定态度,它还是登上了美国排行榜的第7名。我们摇滚映像这次更新是2003年发行的重制版。

Genre: Hard Rock
Media: LP
Year of issue: 1985/2003

Label: Columbia
Country of origin: EU
Audio Codec: FLAC
Rip type: image + .cue
Recording format: 32/192
Distribution format: 24/192

01. Fly On The Wall
02. Shake Your Foundations
03. First Blood
04. Danger
05. Sink The Pink
06. Playing With Girls
07. Stand Up
08. Hell Or High Water
09. Back In Business
10. Send For The Man